School Bomb Hoax with Real Consequences in Montgomery NJ

My kids go to school in Montgomery in Skillman New Jersey and my oldest is finishing his freshman year at Montgomery High School. I was Montgomery-high-school-4quite surprised Wednesday to get the email that all high school students had been sent home because of a bomb threat. Kid 1 got home safely, and we later got a follow up email that the issue had been resolved safely.

I heard rumors last night that the police has talked to two students, but having little additional information, assumed that they had made a prank call to get out of school early and the issue would just fizzle out.

This morning news is out that the incident was a little more serious, and the ramifications could be very grave. From the Princeton Patch:

An 18-year-old has been charged in connection with a bomb scare at Montgomery High School on Wednesday and a similar charge against a 17-year old has been forwarded to the Somerset County Prosecutor’s office for review, Montgomery Township Police announced on Thursday.

[Name redacted], a senior at Montgomery High School, and the juvenile allegedly hung a metallic object wrapped in wires from an unused locker in a hallway inside the school.  The suspicious object was located by a teacher who alerted school administration.

I’m not sure why kids think this kind of thing is funny, but they do. Planting a device that looks like a bomb is no laughing matter. New Jersey school bomb threats in the current year are up almost 30% over last year; this was at least number 62. We hear reports of every bomb threat, but almost never hear about the results. In this case, charges have been filed against one of the kids and are pending against the other.

Not funny.


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