Selfie Etiquette for Children: Must Follow when Taking and Posting Mobile Self Photos

Guest post by Kyle Albert


Selfies, a term coined to describe photos taken by the photographer him or herself, have become a craze on the web. According to data gathered by Opinium, 75% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 have taken selfies and published them on their social media pages, while 29% of those above 65 have also engaged in the same online activity. However, many are debating whether this new trend can cause harm to the person who publishes them, especially if they are kids. To ensure your children’s safety, we have enumerated rules they should follow before taking and publishing personal photos online.

Image courtesy of Kate Coleman
Image courtesy of Kate Coleman

1.   Show consideration to others

While the best tool to create a stunning self-portrait is through digital SLR camera (DSLR), it is best that you avoid using this bulky equipment when taking a shot of yourself in public. A good alternative to this is a smartphone with a good front cam. The iPhone 5’s 1.2-MP camera is perfect to snap a decent self-portrait. However, if you have a good tripod, you can use the rear camera of the phone. According to the specification page on O2, the main snapper of the iPhone 5 comes with an 8-MP resolution.

2.   Awareness is the key

If you’re shooting inside the house, make sure that your surroundings are clean. Fix your bed and tidy up those dirty clothes on the floor. You want to make a good impression, not be bullied by others or leave a bad impression. And avoid bathroom selfies that show the toilet.

For those who like snapping a quick outdoor photo, be aware of those who are around you. Don’t press that shutter button if you see another person in the frame. Remember, not everyone likes his or her photos taken and posted on the internet.

3.   Be appropriate and respectful

It’s understandable that you want to share your travel experiences with friends and loved ones. However, one must know where it’s acceptable to take upbeat shots and where not to. This includes taking photos while at a funeral or death memorial. It’s understandable to make this mistake once; lots of people have gone through it.

4.   Don’t post anything offensive

Avoid posts that may be considered offensive by some, including but not limited to poses which can easily be misconstrued or may be deemed as age inappropriate. Make sure that selfies reflect your personality and how you want to be perceived.  Managing your self-image is important, especially since colleges and other organizations look at personal social media pages to reach out to their students and possibly evaluate college applications.

Learn how to filter your photos. Don’t post everything just because it looks good. It is best if you only post those that would make you and your parents proud. It goes without saying; don’t write any comment or caption on your images that may be misunderstood by your viewers. Think before you act and it will help you avoid encountering situations that you may regret later on in life.

5.   Have fun and enjoy the moment

Preserve memories of happy times with friends with photographs. Take a photo or two of your group using the front camera on your phone and share it on your favorite sites. However, it would be good to limit the number to protect your privacy and identity.

It’s good that the younger generation has found self-portraits as a way of boosting self-confidence. However, with improper use of this privilege it can break that fragile image of teenagers. Apart from the reminders that we’ve shared, what other things can you advise to both parents and teens who love to take selfies?



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