Snapchat Launches Desktop Interface

Snapchat used the Academy Awards ceremony last night to roll out a feature that we’re guessing not many people were clamoring for – Snapchat for desktop.


The reason that we say not many people were clamoring for it is that Snapchat is a platform that fits perfectly with users who are always – almost literally – their phone. It was launched not mobile-first, but mobile-only, so users knew of no other way to experience it.

snapchat-logoAccording to tech news site TechCrunch:

“The web player puts Snapchat in more direct competition with cross-platform products like Twitter Moments which already have established desktop presences. It also opens up the possibility of web embeds for Snapchat content in the future where users will be able to engage with curated event experiences on third-party sites.”

One caveat for users – as Snapchat make moves (we think this is the first of many) to make its content simultaneously available on the web as well as mobile, the chances go up that your teen’s snaps end up more widely distributed on the web than would have been the case in a mobile only use-case.

If your teen is using Snapchat for sexting, or sharing party pictures and videos, or anything else that she would rather not have in the hands of strangers, the risk with rogue Snapchat pics leaking out goes up a little as Snapchat’s evolution continues.

And, once snaps make it onto the web, it becomes much easier to share those images and video on other social media platforms.

The conversation around Snapchat will get a little louder this week thanks to these changes. Perhaps you can use this news as an opportunity to discuss appropriate Snapchat use with your teen.





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