Snapchat Leaked Is Back

If you’ve been following the Snapchat story, the app that allows users to send self-destructing photos, you may recall that back in May 2013, a website called Snapchat Leaked popped up where people could post others’ Snapchat photos. The site caused a big stir because (a) Snapchat pics are supposed to be private, and (b) the pics are supposed to self-destruct after a few seconds, and (c) many of the pictures posted included nudity of some shape or form, sometimes slightly edited.

The site started out as a Facebook page, and garnered 500,000 Likes before being shut down for violating Facebook’s bullying guidelines. After it moved off Facebook to its own site, it quickly became a home to revenge porn, and got a ton of traffic. As quickly as it came to be, it disappeared after being plagued (!?) by too much site traffic.

I was surprised to see a Snapchat Leaked press release this morning announcing that is back.

A quick perusal of the site and press release reveals that most of the photos are posted because they are funny or embarrassing, and according to the press release, the pics remain on the site for 24 hours only. While the site’s Terms of Service do not prohibit nudity or sexual photos, when we looked at the site this morning, we didn’t see anything of that nature there. The Terms of Service don’t appear to rule it out, however:

“You hereby grant to us the non-exclusive, royalty-free, and irrevocable right to (a) adapt, edit and generally use and exploit all and/or any portion of the Content, alone and/or in combination with other content of any and all kinds whatsoever; (b) create and exploit derivative works of any and all kinds based on and/or embodying the Content; (c) distribute, publish, sell, display, store, exhibit, transmit, perform, broadcast, and generally exploit any and/or all of the foregoing; (d) use your name, image and likeness in connection with any and/or all of the foregoing; and (e) authorize others to do so. The foregoing rights may be exercised by us and/or our licensees, successors and assigns, throughout the world, in perpetuity, in any and all languages, and in any and all media now known or hereafter devised.”

The original Snapchat Leaked site was reportedly started and operated by a UK teen, but the current version appears to be operated out of San Francisco. We have no idea whether the nudity and revenge porn pictures will return. We’ll be watching.


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