Snapped is a Snapchat App for Macs with Some Extra Risk

There was bound to be a desktop app for Snapchat at some point – either put out by Snapchat itself or by a third party developer. People love Snapchat, the popular picture-messaging app that makes pictures “disappear” a few seconds after being viewed. It makes sense that there is a natural demand for a desktop/laptop version of a product that users love on their phone.

Snapped Mac Desktop AppSnapped has arrived, now in beta and created by ThinkDev. It has been widely reported that users looking to send risqué or nude selfies tend to use Snapchat since the pictures disappear after a few seconds of viewing, offering the sender some comfort that the pictures won’t fall into the wrong hands. The disappearing part isn’t foolproof but the promise is enough for millions of users.

Importantly, Snapped has a feature that renders the “view once, then disappear” feature non-operational. According to a brief Snapped review by Mashable:

“You can opt to not mark snaps as read. This means that if my friend sends me a snap, I can continue to look at the photo over and over again — and she will think I haven’t seen it yet.”

For folks who use Snapchat for sexting, or parents of teens who use Snapchat to send even mildly inappropriate pictures, this is a big red flag, and yet another way that Snapchat is not as private or safe as it promises to be. The person you sent that racy pic to can keep it indefinitely, and show it to whomever he or she wants.

According to Mashable, Snapped uses a reverse engineered interface to connect with Snapchat, so they could get shut down at any time. We wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen if private pictures start being made available to others.


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