Social Media Impact on College Athlete Recruiting

Below is a great video from South Carolina’s WYFF News detailing what is actually going at the intersection of college athlete recruiting and social media.

In the video, the Clemson University assistant football coach admits that there are 10 – 15 players per year that the school stops recruiting because of something they’ve seen on social media. Athletes interviewed in the video make clear that posting irresponsibly online can have serious repercussions.

High school athletes need to take note that this is the new reality.

A college scholarship is a fantastic windfall for the student. It is also a very large investment for the college, and it’s is no surprise that athletic recruiters are devoting more time and energy into vetting their athletes’ character.

If you’re a high school athlete aspiring to play at the college level, remember that anything you post is probably going to be there forever, and could potentially be seen by anyone, even if your accounts are set to private. Avoid posting anything, even jokingly, that could make you look immature, mean spirited or anything other than a team player and good person.

Your athletic careen to date has taken a lot of hard work and dedication. Don’t let your social media undermine your chances at reaching the highest level.



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