UTSA Tennis Player Screws Up Big Time on Twitter

We keep hoping we’ll see fewer headlines like this, but they just keep on coming. From the NY Daily News:

Michelle Beadle, who does news and commentary for ESPN and HBO, was sparring on Twitter yesterday with a Texas sports fan who jokingly (we think) accused her of being in bed, literally, with a group of ESPN anchors. Not cool, but no harm so far.


Then, it appears that one UT San Antonio tennis player, freshman Christian Carillo decided to weigh in and call her a slut.

What followed is not likely to play out very well for Carillo. Beadle called him out to his school and tennis program, saying “Hey @UTSA @UTSAAthletics…tell me this dude isn’t actually a part of a team #StillTimeToGrowUp”.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.22.59 AM

Carillo, who was ranked #11 in the state of Texas last year before entering UTSA, has since deleted his Twitter account and no doubt hopes that this will all blow over. The school has issued an apology to Beadle but has not said what action will be taken. It may well be that Carillo will be off the team by next week. Poof – the end of a promising tennis career and perhaps a scholarship if that’s the way it goes.

We hope that every student athlete hears about this story. Simple, thoughtless acts can go a long way and do a lot of damage. And sure, he deleted his account but that tweet was retweeted and fav’d hundreds of time. The results are permanent.

What’s more, it would be nice if every young social media user would focus on stories like these and think about what it means for them. All of our kids have high hopes and goals they’d like to achieve. All of the hard work and dedication in the world might not be able to rise above the damage you can do to your own reputation online.




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