Montclair State Students Protest the Weather on Social Media

montclair-facebookThey weren’t exactly protesting the weather; students at New Jersey’s Montclair State University were protesting the fact that the school refused to close for the day despite clear forecasts that a big snowfall was coming. Unpopular bureaucratic decisions tend to be met with vocal disapproval.

montclair-yik-yakThe weather was bad in New Jersey yesterday – not unheard of for March but it has been a long winter and people are fed up. Most areas got 5 – 10 inches of snow on top of the previous night’s rain and a lot of roads were a mess.

Not only were classes at Montclair State not cancelled, but exams were held as scheduled with no makeup dates offered. As kids today might say, the school’s attitude was, “Sorry not sorry”.

Not surprisingly, the students joined together in protest using the most 2015 vehicle in existence – social media. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Yik Yak were all flooded with students complaining about the dangerous conditions and the administration’s lack of regard for students and staff.

The school is coming out of this looking very bad. On Facebook alone, the threads had almost 900 comments, and in the last 24 hours Montclair State’s Facebook rating has gone from 4 stars (out of 5) to 2.1 stars.

montclair-twitterPerhaps the school’s top brass doesn’t care about Facebook ratings, but they should. Social media has become the new court of popular opinion, and Montclair is being found guilty here.

As of now, we have not seen anyone from the school respond to the complaints. Future college students will hear about this, and perhaps elect to go to a different school. Montclair’s “clients” are students, and if they choose to be heard on social media then the school should respond in kind. Digital Citizenship applies to educational institutions as well.



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