Teen Online Problems – Headlines and Excerpts

teen-cell-phoneIf you have a teen or pre teen, chances are that he or she is doing something online, either on a computer or phone. While most parents spend at least a little time thinking about the safe or irresponsible things their kids might be doing online and on social media, it’s hard to wrap your mind around just how many ways the internet can get young people into trouble.

I was looking though some saved articles over the weekend and I pulled together a bunch of headlines and article excerpts form the last six months. That’s right – the last six months – and I’m sure I don’t see everything.

These can serve as a reminder to parents that depending on the age of your children, there are very good reasons to stay vigilant, and different things you need to watch our for.

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Utah Coach Suspends Entire Football Team Over Cyberbullying

– Bleacher Report 9/24/2013

300 partying teens who broke in and trashed house, documented it on social media

Daily Mail Online 9/22/2013

N.J. priest in sexting sting thought he was talking to 16-year-old boy, wanted to meet

– NJ Star Ledger 9/29/2013

Tests reveal 80% of parental controls fail to block all adult internet content

Daily Mail 9/22/2013

California school district halts use of school issued iPads after students hack filters

– L.A. Times 9/25/2013

Instagram threats lead to police presence at two NJ schools

Bluefield Daily Telegraph 9/22/2013

Man charged with raping teen girl he met through social media

-Fox Salt Lake City 9/20/2013

Paedophiles blackmail thousands of UK teens into online sex acts

The Independent 9/20/2013

Anonymous Q&A sites linked to teen suicides

– The Verge 9/17/2013

Justin Bieber imposter jailed after tricking children into stripping in front of webcam

Naked Security 9/18/2013

Guess who is monitoring Twitter and Facebook accounts more and more these days – college coaches.
-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 9/13/2013


61% of Spanish kids aged 6 – 9 have their own Facebook account

EU Kids Online 9/2013

NJ pervert poses as teen girl in online chat room to lure young targets

– NJ.com 7/10/2013

Florida teen’s suicide marks the 9th in 14 months attributed to Ask.fm

BuzzFeed 9/11/2013

Sexting outbreak leads to police action at Vermont high school

– Burlington Free Press 9/10/2013

Nevada man arrested for attempting to post revenge porn of ex, who was 16 at the time

Daily Dot 9/10/2013

Study: Most Parents Worry About Kids’ Online Privacy — but Aren’t Doing Anything About It

– Time 11/20/2012

10 Abbreviated Teen Texts About Sex and Drugs Decoded

Yahoo 9/27/2013

“Social media is destroying our lives,” said the girl at the Grove.

“So why don’t you go off it?” I asked.

“Because then we would have no life,” said her friend.

Vanity Fair September 2013

20% of tweets reveal the tweeter’s location

Science Codex 9/3/2013

College students “only” sext 3x per month

– Business Insider 9/2/2013

Vancouver teen suicidal over cyberbullying

The province 6/22/2013

Teen arrested after tweet that included song lyrics was interpreted as a bomb threat

– Washington Times 7/9/2013

Cyberbullying can have deeper effect than conventional bullying

CNN 9/5/2013

High Schoolers Post Gang Initiation Beating On Facebook

– WPR News 6/4/2013

Canadian teen posts fake death threats on a dare

Medicine Hat News 9/2013

Louisiana teen charged after posting marijuana pic to Instagram

– KATC 9/4/2013

Online predators are targeting younger and younger kids

The Province 6/4/2013

California school district monitors kids’ social media

– CNN 9/15/2013

Facebook costing 16-34s jobs in tough economic climate

OnDevice Research 5/27/2013

Online bullying, teasing or gossip can be devastating and lead to depression, alienation and suicide ideation.

– Palo Alt Online 8/23/2013

Kansas high school class president suspended over sarcastic tweets

KSN 5/6/2013

Teen fired from job over racially insensitive tweet

– KTAR 7/19/2013

Entire Fraternity chapter gets suspended over Facebook posts about drug deals and nudes

Daily Dot 8/22/2013

NY teen jailed after Facebook bomb threat

– JTA 4/17/2013

Texas teen jailed for months after Facebook joke was construed as threat

WPTV 7/2/2013

California teen charged in High School sexting spree

– NBC 5/27/2013

Social Media posts can be used in court

San Jose Mercury News 8/16/2013

12 months probation for Florida teen who made school bomb threat on Instagram

– Gainesville Times 8/21/2013

Indiana police warn parents about Snapchat risks

WSBT 8/2013

25% of dating teens have been abused or harassed online

– Mashable 8/19/2013

Senator’s Son Used Homophobic, Anti-Semitic Language On Twitter

BuzzFeed 6/12/2013

Location based apps put young users at risk

– 8/14/2013

New law would hold Canadian parents of cyberbullies liable

Truro daily News 8/13/2013

Georgia teen could face 5 years in prison after social media threat

– Wetpaint Moms 8/12/2013

39% of employers now check social media before hiring

Career Builder 6/27/2013

Pennsylvania teen cyberbully’s conviction upheld on appeal

– Pennsylvania Legal Journal 8/6/2013

College coaches find lots of inappropriate content on students’ social media

Times Daily 8/3/2013

18 year old Pennsylvania teen gets probation for Facebook post saying friend had herpes

– The Sentinel 8/2/2013

Xbox Live’s age restrictions don’t work for kids or parents


Two CT students charged with using anonymous Twitter accounts to cyberbully

– NBC 7/30/2013

Aussie students suspended over cyberbullying on Ask.fm

The Australian 7/28/2013

Teacher uses Facebook to pressure young students for nude photos

– Perth Now 7/25/2013

NJ Homeland Security warned parents about child online “sextortion”

NJ 101.5 7/23/2013

Teen girl arrested on child porn charges

– The Smoking Gun 7/18/2013

Canadian teens make video of consensual sex act, are charged with child porn

CBC 5/29/2013

NJ students in counseling after forming “White Girls’ Club” online

– NJ.com 5/10/2013

YouTube video of after school fight leads to student arrest

NBC Baltimore 5/8/2013

California teen arrested after online drug ring is broken up

– NBC San Diego 5/10/2013


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