Teen Sex and the Newest CROCS Commercial


We might need to get a parent backlash going against CROCS, the terrible footwear brand that is probably on its way out anyway.

The above, their newest commercial as far as we know, is now airing in the UK. It isn’t all that funny and the actors appear to be too young for the subject content being depicted. While we’ve posted this video, we in no way think it’s appropriate. It has gotten over 60,000 views on YouTube already, so people are seeing it.

Our teens are having plenty of success sexualizing their day to day lives without getting help from major(ish) brands with big advertising budgets. The tag line is “Slip off. Slip in.” Please stop.

End rant.

EDIT: According the comment below, which we have not verified, the above video was done on spec by an Agency and was not commissioned by CROCS.

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  1. The Directors of Compulsory Limited would like to make it clear that the advertisement, ‘Slip Off, Slip In”, is a piece of film that Compulsory produced on a speculative basis to show to Crocs and to help populate our showreel. The end product was not commissioned nor approved by Crocs. We showed it as an example of what we can do and was never intended to be distributed without the original disclaimer nor to cause any offence.

    The advertisement has since gone ‘viral’ and Crocs have asked us to make it clear that this is not work that they commissioned, it is not in keeping with their brand values and it was not commissioned nor approved by their staff.

    We wish to make it clear that we have apologized to Crocs for any embarrassment this advertisement has created for them and are doing everything we can to get it removed from any sites that have distributed it.


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