The FTC Makes Snapchat Come Clean On Privacy Claims

Snapchat**Warning: Coarse language ahead.

We have been one of many voices who have been cautioning users (and parents of young users) that Snapchat is not as safe as the company claims, or at least as they initially claimed.

Yesterday, the FTC forced Snapchat to say “uncle”, and admit that its claim of disappearing pictures is not entirely true. In the settlement, the company agreed to amend its claims and Privacy Policy, and will be subject to FTC monitoring for 20 years. According to some reports, most of the required changes and disclosures have been made already.

It’s a stiff penalty for what was a serious breach, yet I was struggling to say something that added to what the press are writing today. Then I discovered that Shanley Kane (@shanley on Twitter), founder of Model View Media, had already done a great job of it on Twiter.


If young users were sexting using Snapchat because they wrongly assumed the pics would disappear forever, and we have no doubt this was happening, a more severe penalty is called for. We have no doubt a lot of users still believe it.

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