ThirdParent Adds New Teen Intern Focused on Cyberbullying

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to the ThirdParent team. Taylor Stewart of Danville, Kentucky joins us in the capacity of intern and teen cyberbullying specialist.

tylor-stewart-thirdparentThe story of how we found Taylor can be found in a post we wrote earlier this month, titled Interview with Feel-Good Anonymous High Scholl Tweeter @BCHSAnonymous – in which we told her heartwarming story.

At the time we wrote it, the true identity of the Twitter account’s owner was still a mystery. The Good Samaritan has since been revealed to be high school senior (just graduated!) Taylor Stewart. After we published our account, Taylor reached out to us and told us that she was interested in continuing to have a positive impact against cyberbullying, and asked if we would be willing to have her join the team. We gladly agreed, and she is on board as of this week. Taylor’s bio:

Taylor is the newest addition to the ThirdParent team, joining in 2014. As an internet-obsessed teenager, Taylor provides parents and professionals a young adult’s perspective on all things cyber. She works to promote safe and responsible internet behavior and is an advocate for anti-cyberbullying and online positivity.Taylor will attend Western Kentucky University as an Honors College student and major in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. After graduation, she plans to teach at the high school level. Outside of ThirdParent and her anti-bullying activities, Taylor enjoys music, reading, and traveling.

At ThirdParent we spend a lot of time and effort developing resources for parents related to cyberbullying. While schools and sometimes law enforcement play a role after the fact in cyberbullying cases, we believe that parents are on the front line in ensuring that it doesn’t happen in the first place. What better way for us to have a more profound impact than to have an actual teen and student voice as part of our team?

The @BCHSAnonymous account at Boyle County High School has recently been passed on to another anonymous student, but its spirit and positive impact will continue to be a fixture in the school.

Welcome aboard Taylor.

Have a question for Taylor? You can contact her here.


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