ThirdParent Announces Free Audits for a Limited Time

Good news parents: We are very pleased to announce that for a limited time getting a ThirdParent Social Score is FREE (normally a $49 value).

If a college admissions officer of future employer looked for your child online, what would she find?ThirdParent-social-score

ThirdParent’s Social Score is the latest tool to enable better digital parenting, a critical task that most parents find daunting and some, downright impossible. We all know that our teens and tweens are spending hours per day online and on their phones, and that it’s impossible to stay on top of everything. We also know that you value your teen’s privacy. We do as well.

Our Social Score provides parents with a full summary of who and where your teen is online – publicly that is. We scour the internet and social media to locate accounts and social media sites, and flag any public activity that may be unsafe or inappropriate. Each flagged item includes a recommendation for how to handle the situation.

The initial audit gives you the basic outline of what has been happening with your child over the last 12 months. After the initial audit, our ongoing monitoring ($15/month, you can cancel ay time) provides you with daily alerts that flag unsafe or inappropriate activity.

We do not ask for user names or passwords, and private information stays private.

A free version of our service has been a goal of ours since the beginning. We are pleased to announce our free trial for a limited time. Sign up today. There’s nothing to lose.





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