ThirdParent on WBTV Charlotte’s Bounce News Talking Cyberbullying

We had the pleasure this week of joining Brigida Mack on WBTV Charlotte’s “Bounce” evening news broadcast to talk about cyberbullying and what parents need to be aware of. The full video can be viewed below.

We’d like to thank all the folks at WBTV for having us on to discuss an important topic that is a very real issue for parents and schools, and therefore near and dear to what we do at ThirdParent every day.

The interview focused on issues that impact the parents of victims, and what we didn’t get a chance to discuss is the role of the parents of kids who are doing the actual cyberbullying. We encourage parents everywhere to talk to their kids about what they’re doing online, and to ensure that kids are treating their friends and peers in a respectful manner.

Thanks again to Brigida and the crew at WBTV.


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