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Stories for the week ending 2/12/2016


When you think about selfies, what comes to mind? Narcissism? Wasting time? How about a carefully crafted personal brand? Two charts from statistics firm Statista give us a look at the darker side: death.



Facebook had been making a very big deal about Free Basics, its free internet service for India’s mobile users. As is often said, noting is really free. Indian officials said, “No thanks”. At issue: India doesn’t want Facebook controlling which parts of the internet that users can access.
Nothing Is Free, Not Even Facebook Free Basics



A journalist at Buzzfeed enlisted his 13-year old sister to get to the bottom of how teens are really using Snapchat. “There’s not a time when I’m not on it. I do it while I watch Netflix, I do it at dinner, and I do it when people around me are being awkward. That app is my life.”

My Little Sister Taught Me How To “Snapchat Like The Teens”


A Florida man posted a picture of $280 cash to Snapchat. A couple of hours later, two men showed up wearing ski masks and wielding knives and relieved him of the cash. We should all choose our social media friends more carefully.

Snapchat posting leads to knife-point robbery in West Boca


This week, at the same time that Twitter was announcing a new and improved Trust and Safety Council, they shut down a parody account whose sole purpose to make fun of Twitter’s lax abuse reporting system. The account has since been reinstated. The abuse continues.

Twitter Announces Safety Panel Then Bans an Account Critical of Twitter Safety


Lawmakers in Illinois have proposed a law that would make it an offense to film a fight for the purposes of putting it online. If this passes it will be difficult to manage/prosecute, but we like the sentiment behind it.




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