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Stories for the week ending 2/19/2016


Sonoma-fight-viral-FacebookThe video of fight at a California high school went viral on Facebook this week. That’s not news in and of itself. What’s noteworthy is that it was a girl and a boy who were fighting, and the girl won handily. The school asked Facebook to take down the video, and Facebook declined. Seems like Facebook is on the wrong side of this one.

Student fight video goes viral, Facebook denies take-down request


Have you ever wondered what it means when your teen “Likes” a photo on Instagram? According to some teens, it could mean a whole lot.

Teens reveal what Instagram ‘likes’ mean to them — and why some are better than others


Child internet safety expert Sue Scheff (and a friend of ours) opened up a big can of worms this week, by asking a hard question…

Should parents read their teens’ texts?


If you’ve ever had your Instagram account hijacked, you’ll be happy to hear that they have finally rolled out two-factor authentication.

Instagram Finally Adds Two-Factor Authentication To Fight Hackers


Is bolstering teen self-esteem the answer to cyberbullying? One Canadian expert thinks so, since tech solutions seem to be falling short.

Most anti-bullying initiatives miss out on crucial advice


The FBI wants a back door into Apple’s iPhone, for a very good reason. Apple said no, for an even better reason.

Apple Does The Right Thing To Defend Customer Privacy


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