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Stories for the week ending 2/26/2016


Do you “Like” this? Since the rumors started last year that Facebook was going to move away from the “Like” button, many speculated that they might offer some flavor of “Don’t Like” button. Hand wringing ensued. This week they rolled out five new reactions – Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. No harm done.

Facebook “Reactions” now available globally

Facebook-emojiWhy didn’t they add a “Don’t Like” button? Cyberbullying.

Facebook Reactions: Why Mark Zuckerberg didn’t just add a Dislike button


Good news – ISIS may be losing the social media war. As Twitter has been suspending its most active users, the group’s global reach has declined significantly.

Is ISIS in the throes of a social media meltdown?~


An 11-year old UK student was cyberbullied via a fake Instagram account this month, and the teacher managed to get the offender to fess up and write an apology, which (s)he did anonymously. The victim’s mother is demanding to know the identity of the bully, and the school is refusing based on privacy concerns. No winners here. Maybe 11-year olds shouldn’t be on Insta.

Mother is outraged her daughter, 11, was the victim of cyber bullying but her school is refusing to reveal the culprit


An alleged California panty thief used social media to locate targets, mostly college students, then went on a robbery spree hitting three dozen young women. Be careful with your GPS settings folks.

Alleged OC Panty Thief Used Social Media Posts To Target His Victims


A 14-year old high school student posted on Tumblr that she was going to go to her school and stab multiple people. Then she did. Should schools be monitoring public social media for threats? We think so.

Student Warned of School Stabbing Spree on Tumblr


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