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Stories for the week ending 3/4/2016


iOS emojisEmojis are becoming mainstream among kids and millennials (and my wife). If you’re going to post a school threat on Instagram, doing it using emojis is not going to keep you out of hot water. A Virginia girl is facing criminal charges after doing just that.

A 12-year-old girl is facing criminal charges for using emojis, and she’s not the only one


A study conducted by Rutgers University and Penn State came to a conclusion that is not at all surprising – kids that grow up in rough neighborhoods are more likely to have a difficult experience on social media.

Penn-Rutgers study: ‘Digital hood’ has frightening aspects


Lots of people don’t like Donald Trump, but there’s a limit to free speech online. An Egyptian student living in Los Angeles is facing deportation after making a Facebook threat that he wanted to kill Trump.

Egyptian trainee pilot at LA flight school, 23, faces deportation after writing Facebook post saying he was willing to kill Donald Trump
Facebook logo
If you’re planning a house party, be sure no one posts the date, time and address on Facebook.

Hundreds of teen revellers smash cars and beat up man after crashing Facebook house party


Twitter is an important recruiting tool in college sports. It can also cost you a scholarship if you run afoul of the NCAA, your coaches or common decency. 3 college basketball players have been suspended after posting 2 sex videos to Twitter.
Minnesota Suspends Three Players After One Tweets Sex Tapes


How much do you trust Google? Granted, they have been very trustworthy so far when it comes to privacy, but it might be a wake up call to see your complete search history and a map of places you’ve been. Here’s how to see for yourself, or turn those functions off.

How to turn off your search and location history in Google


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