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Stories for the week ending 3/11/2016


Yik Yak logoAnother school district, this time Croton-Harmon in New York, is taking steps to ban Yik Yak in an attempt to “promote appropriate social media use”. Promoting positive social media use and banning one of many platforms where bad behavior occurs are two different things.

Croton-Harmon Schools Block Yik Yak To Fight Anonymous Bullying

In other Yik Yak news, the company announced this week that they now allow users to select a user name, which could be their real name. Our take: the bad actors won’t use their real name when posting. Period.

Yik Yak is no longer fully anonymous


A message to the high school football players out there – if you think that college teams aren’t capable of finding you on social media, think again. Ohio State is hiring a full time coaching staff member to manage its social media. You can bet a scholarship that this guy gets it.

Ohio State football recruiting: New job will oversee Twitter and Snapchat as social media director


Click bait alert from this week: Is Social Media Causing a Drop in Teen Pregnancy Rates? UK’s National Office of Statistics found that teen pregnancy is way down while social media use is way up. The dubious conclusion is that teens are so busy on their phones, they don’t have time to have sex.


FB slang projectFacebook has patented new software that takes dead aim at Urban Dictionary. The company plans to scan posts to develop a lexicon of internet slang terms before they become mainstream. Is Facebook going to be cool again?

Facebook has an idea for software that detects cool new slang before it goes mainstream


Chris Poole, the founder of antisocial network 4chan, largely regarded as the basement of the internet, has announced that he has taken a job at Google. We can all agree that 4chan has a ton of terrible elements and users, but Poole is good at community building, an area which Google can’t seem to get right.

4chan founder Chris Poole will try to fix social at Google


Peeple, the app that allows users to rate other users, shut down last year soon after it debuted. Sound terrible? Lots of people think so. It relaunched this week. We’ll have a full review soon.

The much-hated ‘Yelp for People’ app is here — and it’s getting savaged in the App store


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