This Week in Social Media News For Parents

Stories for the week ending 4/1/2016


Two Georgia teens have been arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts after posting to social media and threatening the life of Donald Trump. Bad idea from the get-go.

Georgia teens arrested for threatening Donald Trump on social media


Your typos online may become a liability. “Typosquatting”, or creating a website with a name similar to that of a popular brand, is becoming a more popular vehicle for phishing attacks or delivering malware. Be particularly wary of websites using the .om TLD.

Beware typosquatting – these are not the websites you’re looking for


Want to annoy your friends? Instagram is expanding the length of its videos from 15 seconds to 60. 60 seconds of you eating lunch.


Facebook logoIs someone impersonating you on Facebook? It happens, and Facebook is trying to help. It has developed an automated program, now in use in 75% of the world, which scans accounts looking for rogues who are using your name and profile picture.

Facebook’s testing a feature that alerts you if someone’s impersonating you


Coming soon to your state: Chubb joins the ranks of insurers who are offering cyberbullying insurance as part of your homeowners’ policy.

You Can Now Get Covered for Cyber Bullying With Your Home Insurance


snapchat-logoWith plans to take over the social media world, Snapchat has added voice and video calling. And a boatload of other features.

How to use Snapchat’s new video and voice calling


A Florida teen posted a picture on Instagram of him holding a gun and marijuana. Nobody reported him. Two days later, he and another teen brought guns to school and Snapchatted the action. Both teens were arrested and face charges.

Report: Teenager posed with gun on Instagram


Our hearts go out to this Italian dad, whose 13-year old son passed away last year. The father has appealed to Apple to unlock the phone so that he can retrieve his son’s photos. So far, no luck.

Father begs Apple CEO to help unlock his dead 13-year-old son’s iPhone


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