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Stories for the week ending 4/8/2016


Yikes – as sexting becomes amore mainstream romantic activity, young medical patients are increasingly willing to send pictures of their genitalia to doctors. The docs are not totally okay with it.

Sexting for your health: patients send genitalia photos, raising legal concerns


Are we done writing “Facebook is dead” articles? We should be. This picture is worth a thousand words. And $323 billion in market value.

Facebook user engagement


For the last couple of years, video game journalists have been battling gamers over a number of issues, not the least of which is a backlash against over-sexualized, misogynistic games. The whole thing has been dubbed “Gamergate”. We wouldn’t actually say that the journalists are losing, but the whole thing has resulted in a number of journalists, particularly females, being abused on Twitter. Now Gamergate may have cost a female Nintendo employee her job.

Did Nintendo Fire an Employee to Appease a Gamergate Mob?


Do you have questions about sex or a difficult or abusive romantic relationship that are too embarrassing to ask a doctor or friend? Three Indian folks have created a Snapchat account so that you can discretely get answers.

Snapchat account aims to help teens in abusive relationships


We kind of have a problem with this: If someone send you a message via Facebook Messenger, and you aren’t FB friends with that person, Facebook hides the message in a folder without giving you a notification. There has to be a better way.

Facebook is hiding messages from you in a secret inbox — here’s how to find it


Students from Princeton High School in New Jersey were playing a friendly game of beer pong in a family basement. Problems in addition to underage drinking: The game was Nazi-themed. One of the students Snapchatted the festivities. Another student screen grabbed it and posted it on her blog. No winners here.

“Jews vs. Nazis” Beer Pong Played by Princeton High School Students

why you lying~
In a survey of 2,000 UK residents, only 18% claim that they are completely truthful on social media. 75% admit that they indulge in embellishment. It’s not shocking that people dress up their online image. It’s surprising that they will admit it.

Over 75% of people lie on social media


If you think that taking to social media while drinking alcohol is a bad idea, the University of Albany has some research that is in line with your view.

Study finds link between problematic drinking and problematic Facebooking


A 22-year old French man has been sentenced to 6 months in jail for a text message to his ex that included a gun emoji. Was it really a threat?

Man given jail time for sending gun emoji to ex


If you found a random USB drive would you plug it into your computer to see what was on it. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that 48% of people are more nosy than they are wary of malware.

A Whole Lot of Nitwits Will Plug a Random USB Into Their Computer, Study Finds



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