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Stories for the week ending 4/15/2016


Facebook logoAn Australian high school suspended more than 50 students, about 5% of the school population, after a Facebook game was discovered where a student would post another student’s name and the other kids were encouraged to make fun of that person. The phrase “make fun of” is kind of ironic here.

Australian high school suspends 50-plus students for cyberbullying


Periscope LogoWorst story of the week – an Ohio teen was indicted for videotaping the rape of her friend, another teen, and broadcasting it on Periscope.

Ohio woman indicted for livestreaming woman’s rape


A New Mexico med school student made a virulent anti-abortion post on Facebook back in 2012, in which he did not attack or condemn any individuals. The school gave him two choices: rewrite the post or be expelled. He rewrote the post, but now he is suing the school.

Med Student Says School Censored His Facebook Rant


Kiddle logoKiddle, the new kid-friendly search engine, drew fire earlier this year for making some search terms unavailable that are an important part of kids’ education. Now hackers have discovered that a setting on site app allows anonymous browsing, bypassing all of the Google Safe Search safeguards upon which the search engine is built.

Anonymised search engine page found on ‘kid-friendly’ search site


Chatbots, and lots of them, are coming to Facebook Messenger.

Facebook launches Messenger platform with chatbots


When I send an email to one of my teens, I usually have to send them a text to tell them to read it. Turns out I’m not alone. The Wall Street Journal describes getting up to speed with an email a rite of passage for entry into the workforce.

For Generation Z, Email Has Become a Rite of Passage


Yik Yak logoColleges are still looking for ways to block Yik Yak, and it still isn’t working. Illinois College administrators agreed, at the requests of students, to block the app entirely on its WiFi network. Students, using their phones’ data plans, took to Yik Yak to protest.

Illinois College Students Fire Back Against Yik Yak Ban


Reddit released its first official app this week, and at the same time something fishy happened. A number of third party Reddit apps were removed from the Apple App Store.

Apple boots third-party Reddit apps for violating pornography rules


Many anonymous apps get a bad rap, for some very good reasons. Then they seem to fade away. Here’s the real reason why so many anonymous apps shoot up the app store rankings, then flame out.

The Inherent Problem with Anonymous Apps



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