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Stories for the week ending 12/4/2015


Colleges struggle to understand Yik Yak, much less deal with it

yik-yak-logoStudents at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia have demanded that school admins block the popular, anonymous Yik Yak app on campus. The administration is balking, citing the load that such a block would impose on the school’s wifi network. Apparently, since Yik Yak is blocked at many high schools, students think they can make it happen at their college. It doesn’t work that way.

Mary Baldwin Students To Submit Proposal Against Yik Yak App

Not unrelated to the story above, students at Duke University are also angling to have Yik Yak blocked. Admins at Duke have a slightly better handle on the situation: “Since it can always be accessed via cell signal, no institution could truly eliminate it from their campus”.

Yik Yak ban infeasible, admins say

At issue with the high school comparison – Yik Yak voluntarily blocks its app at some high schools; they would never agree to do it for a college.

~ is an awesome platform for making teens feel bad about themselves. This week a Canadian high school student posted a poll to asking fellow students to name their ugliest peer. One student, who was among those receiving votes, took to Facebook to call out the haters. Well done, young lady.

‘Ugliest girls’ poll: Student’s response to cyberbullying goes viral


An ESPN anchor this week called for all college athletes to give up social media entirely during the season. Some teams choose to do it currently, but it’s a tiny minority. Stranger things have happened.

Herbstreit: ‘Get players away from social media’


Hong Kong-based tech gadget maker VTech had its servers hacked last week, exposing customer data – parents’ and kids’. It turns out that the hack was worse than first reported. In addition to names, email addresses, passwords, and home addresses of millions of customers being compromised, hackers also obtained images and logs of chats between parents and kids. The hacker has come forward – apparently he has no bad intentions – and calls for VTech to be punished harshly for lax security.

Hacker Obtained Children’s Headshots and Chatlogs From Toymaker VTech


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