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Stories for the week ending 5/6/2016


A woman told the story this week of how, at the precise time that Facebook opened up its network to everyone, not just college students, she invented the thing now known as Catfishing. She regrets it, sort of, but she had a blast.

I Catfished My High School and Loved It


Think your phone is private, especially if it is locked with your fingerprint as a password? Think again. It was revealed this week that a judge earlier this year ordered a suspect to unlock her phone for the police, using her fingerprint.

For the First Time, Federal Judge Says Suspect Must Use Fingerprint to Unlock Smartphone


duck attackA young lady who at the time had fewer than 500 Twitter followers tweeted a couple of pictures of her little sister being attacked by a duck. Of course it went viral, getting over 50,000 retweets and 60,000 likes despite her small follower count. Her little sister will be looking to get even until the end of time. Keep embarrassing pictures of the young ones off social media.

A Teen Shared A Pic Of The Exact Moment Her Sister Got Attacked By A Goose


It’s no secret that Facebook knows which pictures you’re in, even if you haven’t been tagged. What are your thoughts on Facebook’s facial recognition technology? Cool tech? A little creepy? An invasion of privacy? A lawsuit about to go forward may rule that it is illegal.

Lawsuit challenging Facebook’s facial recognition system moves forward


Facebook logoA supermom in Colorado went through her teen daughter’s phone as the teen was struggling with drug problems. It turns out that the teen was a member of a private Facebook group that existed solely to facilitate drug purchases.

Facebook Drug Group is a Warning to Parents


This headline says it all so we don’t have to.

Cops beg the public to stop calling arrested drug dealer’s phone


Ugh story of the week. A hulking Virginia dad was fed up with his 17-year old skipping class so he forced him into a boxing match, and he livestreamed the pummeling on Facebook. Not surprisingly, the dad has been charged with domestic assault and battery.

Father forces son to box him on Facebook livestream


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