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Stories for the week ending 5/13/2016


Facebook really wants to know why users are posting less of their own information on the site. It’s bad for business. Some users were sent a very needy survey this week that tries to get to the bottom of things.

Facebook Seeks Answers On Sharing Decline With New Survey


Is your teen’s phone constantly in his hand? Does it drive you crazy? Here’s the counterpoint argument.

Why being glued to your phone can be a good thing


DataminrA little company called Dataminr helps media organizations and other groups turn the vast feed of Twitter information into a set of custom alerts that can be very useful. Twitter, who reportedly owns 5% of Dataminr, announced this week that government entities will no longer be allowed to access the data. Twitter apparently doesn’t want to be in the spying game.

Twitter May Have Cut Spy Agencies Off From Its Flood of Data


I’m not sure how a teen dating website we’ve never heard of has 10,000 users, but apparently one exists. OurTeenNetwork is the name, and we don’t think much of its prospects. A researcher this week discovered that personal messages on the site are ridiculously easy for anyone to read, which is kind of a big deal in the teen dating world.

Teen Dating Site Left Underage Users’ Private Messages Exposed To Anyone


Facebook may (or may not) be filtering which news its users see. That is not a big deal, unless users don’t know that what they’re seeing is biased. And by the way, teens get a huge percentage of their news from social media.

What news is your teen reading?


Gboard logoGboard, the new iPhone keyboard from Google, is now available. Try it out, but you might want to read the Privacy Policy.

Meet Gboard: Search, GIFs, emojis and more. Right from your keyboard.


Terrible story of the week: a French teen who claims to have been raped by an ex boyfriend livestreamed her suicide on Periscope.

France investigates teen’s live suicide on Periscope


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