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Stories for the week ending 6/17/2016


New Zealand police are speaking out about the problem of school kids taking pictures of other students in varying states of undress and posting them online. Of note: the kids involved are sometimes as young as 8-years old.

Cyberbullying: Boys, 8, take pics of girls undressing and post them online


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.27.22 AMThe mother of a gay Texas high school student claims that a teacher sent her a truly ghastly Facebook message in the wake of the Orlando shootings. The teacher claims that her account was hacked. You can draw you own conclusions.

Texas mother claims teacher sent her bizarre Facebook message implying her gay daughter could become the next victim of Orlando-style atrocity 


Student loans in the U.S. are in the news weekly. In China, news has surfaced that some students are forced to go to loan sharks, who are demanding nude photos as collateral.

Loan sharks demand nude photos as collateral from students


Facebook Live, the social network’s new livestreaming platform, is pretty cool. Some professional media types are already using it. A Fox Sports reporter is now looking for work after racist comments that just would not stop.

Sports reporter fired for anti-Semitic and racist remarks on Facebook Live


Your teens probably don’t know, and don’t care yet, but Facebook is an absolute godsend for identity thieves. Here’s how they operate.

Facebook is a gold mine for ID thieves


Eating disorders are no joke, yet get little coverage from the mainstream press. People suffering from these diseases often take to social media looking for support, and in some unfortunate cases, validation. Now it seems that those in recovery are drawing strength from social media.

Women Are Documenting Their Eating Disorder Recovery Via Instagram


The NFL needs help keeping their players in check on social media. They’ve hired a professional services firm to do just that. Will the players opt in?

NFL hires cybersecurity firm to teach players how to use social media


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