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Stories for the week ending 7/8/2016


“It’s as if someone took Minority Report as a shopping catalogue or a punch list rather than a vision of dystopia.” Google-backed CityBridge is bringing free Wi-Fi to NYC. The true cost may be the privacy of its citizens.

Google Is Transforming NYC’s Payphones Into a ‘Personalized Propaganda Engine’


Here’s an excellent read and resource for parents from Sue Scheff.

10 internet commandments for kids going online


Pokemon GoDoes your teen struggle with walking and looking down at his phone at the same time? If so, you better hope he doesn’t download Nintendo’s new blockbuster mobile game, Pokemon Go.

I caught some rare Pokemon in the middle of Manhattan, and it’s clear why people are obsessed with Pokemon Go


Your teen could be betting on video games played on gaming platform Steam. One mom is suing.

Mom takes on Valve, third-party “trading” sites, alleges “illegal scheme”


The FBI busted a child porn ring and their site, PlayPen, which is undoubtedly a good thing. They left the site up and running and installed malware on new visitors’ computers to track them, without a warrant. While the results may appear to justify what they did, many expected a judge to rule that they were out of line. The judge, however, offered the opinion that by joining a network, users should have no expectation of privacy. That decision is very, very likely to be reversed.

US Judge confuses privacy and security, concludes that you should have neither


Britain’s Prince William is the latest celebrity (can we call him that?) to come out against bullying. Bravo, old chap.

Prince William Is Letting Everybody Know He’s Standing Up To Bullying


More teens are getting their news online than from traditional newspapers. No surprise there, but what may be surprising is that more teens are getting their news from Snapchat and Twitter than from Facebook.

Teens are getting almost all of their news from Snapchat and Twitter these days


A study of the online video game Halo 3 by researchers at two universities revealed that men who were low-skilled players were more likely to harass women than highly skilled players.

Men who harass women online are quite literally losers, new study finds


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