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Stories for the week ending 7/15/2016


You might want to discourage your teen from watching videos on Facebook Live. Terrorist sympathizers, recruiters and terrorists themselves have been using it. Shootings and murders have been posted. Facebook’s moderation team and the technology they use don’t appear to be ready for prime time.

Is Facebook Ready to Be the World’s Live News Network?


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.27.22 AMKids have been walking into traffic, trespassing and generally having a great time playing Pokémon GO, perhaps the most viral video game of all time. The game creators have their data, and lots of it. Senator Al Franken wants to know what they’re doing with it.

Senator Al Franken demands Pokémon Go release privacy information


UK supermarket giant Tesco gave in to an unlikely foe this week. In March, 14-year-old schoolgirl Lucy Gavaghan launched a petition calling for Tesco to stop selling eggs from cage-raised chickens. The online petition has been signed by 280,000 people. Winner, winner chicken dinner. Kids are heroes.

Tesco has announced it will stop sourcing caged hen eggs


Silly season for lawsuits continues. A 14-year old boy and his mother are suing Snapchat after the teen was allegedly able to view inappropriate adult material on the app. Sure, there is adult content on Snapchat, but we suspect the mom is looking for a quick buck.

A teen is suing Snapchat over sexy Discover stories


Our friends at the Cyberbullying Research Center have outdone themselves with their new definitive guide for Revenge Porn victims. Let’s hope they get a call from Rep. Jackie Speier, who just introduced what could be the U.S.’s first federal Revenge Porn law, something that has been needed for a while.

Revenge Porn Research, Laws, and Help for Victims


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