This Week in Social Media News For Parents

Stories for the week ending 7/29/2016


Two enterprising men in Illinois are seeking class action status for a lawsuit they have filed against Snapchat. The suit claims that Snapchat is improperly collecting and storing biometric information related to users’ faces – except it looks like they aren’t.

Illinois residents sue Snapchat over face-scanning technology


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.27.22 AMSure, your teen might be some singer’s biggest fan. You might want to caution him to stop short of giving that crooner his Twitter login credentials.

Pop star tells fans to send their Twitter passwords, but it might be illegal


A Georgia mom discovered that her 16-year old daughter was having sex, and decided on a truly dreadful course of action. She gave her daughter a beating and posed the live video on Facebook Live. Please don’t try this at home.

Georgia mother humiliates daughter in beating on Facebook Live as a punishment  


Hooked on Pokémon Go? For the low low price of $8, there’s an app – a bot actually – that will travel the world, collect Pokémon and visit Pokestops for you.

For $8, this automated Pokémon Go bot will catch Pokémon and collect items for you


This was bound to happen. New parents are naming babies after Pokemon characters. Say hello to our newest family member, Jigglypuff.

The Pokémon Go baby-name boom has arrived


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