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Stories for the week ending 8/19/2016


Instagram, owned by Facebook, really, really wants to beat Snapchat. If your teen is an Instagram power user, she might have been invited to IG Young Artists, a virtual pizza party and market research feedback group that is digging in to how teens really use the app.

Inside the secret Facebook group Instagram uses to talk to teens


Arkansas school for boysBack to school! An Arkansas high school posted a sign on the main door, telling parents that if they were arriving to drop off forgotten items for their kids, to turn around and go home. Apparently parents have an opinion about such things. The photo has been shared on Facebook 117,000 times.

High School Rule Going Viral for Turning away Parents


Twitter is stepping up its battle against terrorism. Account suspensions due to links to or support of terrorism are up 80% this year, and total over 350,000 since mid 2015.

Twitter suspends hundreds of thousands of accounts for promoting terrorism


Are you seeing a lot of garbage in your Twitter feed? That may be about to change. Twitter announced this week that they’re introducing a quality filter.

Twitter Rolls Out ‘Quality Filter’ to Block Abuse and Automated Content


There is no shortage of video chat app options in the market, from Snapchat to Facetime to Skype to the handful of popular messaging apps. Now there’s one more, with Google getting into the game.

Google Takes Aim at Apple’s FaceTime


In a true tragedy, two Irish teen sisters committed suicide within 45 days of each other. Cyberbullying on may have been the cause, or at least the beginning of the problem. School officials knew about the bullying and tried to help, but their actions fell short.

School and health services ‘knew Erin Gallagher (13) was bullied on controversial social media site before her death’ – inquest


If you’re as famous as Justin Bieber, apparently posting picures of your 17-year old girlfriend on Instagram is not the best idea. He got trolled mercilessly by fans and haters and it went straight downhill from there, when he and his ex Selena Gomez accused each other of cheating in the comments. He has since deleted his account.

Justin Bieber Deletes Instagram Account


There’s a stereotype about how catty high school girls can be. One author thinks it’s true, and that technology is making it worse. Parents aren’t doing much to help, mostly because they lack the tools to do so.

Why ‘Mean Girls’ are getting even meaner


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