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Stories for the week ending 9/16/2016


A 14-year old girl from Northern Ireland had a nude picture fall into the wrong hands – the result of extortion according to her claim. The photo was posted to a shame page on Facebook, and then reposted repeatedly. She is now suing Facebook for unspecified damages, claiming that Facebook’s failure to quickly take down the original picture has caused her significant pain and suffering. Facebook claims it took the picture down as soon as it was reported. This could set an interesting precedent.

14-year-old sues Facebook over nude photo posted to “shame” site


This case in Austria also has the potential to set an interesting precedent: An 18-year old is suing her parents over the 500+ photos of her they’ve posted on Facebook over the years. Her father has repeatedly refused to take them down. She has a good case, we think.

Daughter, 18, sues her parents for posting embarrassing photographs of her as a child on Facebook

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.27.22 AMMichael Jackson’s daughter Paris took to Instagram and posted a series of videos decrying cyberbullying. She says that she left social media for two years over the abuse and even attempted suicide. Say something nice online today.

Paris Jackson Speaks out Against Cyberbullying, Defends Justin Bieber


The iPhone is the dominant device among teens from what we can see. Now that iOS 10 has arrived, there are some changes to the security settings that all users should take a look at.

Five security settings in iOS 10 you should immediately change


Is there a cause that your teen is passionate about? Does she post about it on social media? Good news – a new study has found that online activism really is making a difference.

An Annenberg study found that social media activism is way more powerful than you think


The back to school playbook on social media is in full effect: Week 1 – school bomb threats. Week 2 – schoolyard fight videos posted on Twitter and Instagram fight accounts.

Disturbing videos of teenagers fighting posted on social media


This week a New Jersey school was forced to have a delayed opening and postponed back-to-school night after a series of school shooting threats were posted to Facebook. Plot twist 1: The person making the posts was not quickly apprehended. Plot twist 2: The police claim that it was not a student who made the threats.

Threats to ‘shoot up’ school not coming from students, officials say


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