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Stories for the week ending 9/23/2016


For the most part, The Guardian does a good job covering some of the more nuanced aspects of social media. That being said, this article baffles us. They found a handful of millennials who have quit social media entirely and are happy with their decision. If they were unhappy, they would have gone back to social media.

Does quitting social media make you happier? Yes, say young people doing it


Chances are at least some of the news that your teen consumes is delivered via social media. Facebook has acknowledged that some of that news is fake, and they are taking steps to clean it up.

Facebook to roll out tech for combating fake stories in its Trending topics


Yik Yak downloadsYik Yak, the once anonymous local chat app, is dying – even at colleges. RIP.

College students have totally lost interest in Yik Yak — and it could kill the app


We don’t see how the word needs another messaging app. Google created one anyway, and it uses AI to write your messages for you. The previews of Allo featured pretty lofty privacy protections. Not so fast.

Google weakens Allo privacy promises


“Mooning” is a new term for ignoring someone’s text messages by turning on the “do not disturb” function on your phone for that person. I think my teens have been mooning me.

Is someone texting you too much? Just moon them.


A Belmont University student made a post on Snapchat Monday that was very inappropriate and very racist. By Tuesday, he was expelled. Friendly reminder: Snapchat posts aren’t necessarily private, and don’t always disappear.

Belmont removes student after racist post goes viral


Twitter’s algorithm, if you have it turned on, shows you the tweets you are most likely to be interested in first. If there are tweets that you don’t like, and want to see less of, Twitter is rolling out a setting for that too.

Twitter Asks You To Identify Tweets You Don’t Like So It Can Hone Its Algorithm


A Massachusetts legislator has introduced a bill that will require the FBI to track cases of online harassment of individuals. Will tracking the number of cases of online stalking and abuse lead to better behavior? Tough to say.

Will tracking digital harassment help defend against internet trolls?


Creepy clowns are taking to Facebook and threatening to show up at schools and terrorize kids. Really.

Clown Facebook post, warnings put more Alabama schools on lockdown



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