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Stories for the week ending 9/30/2016


Snapchat is growing up fast, and competitors are rushing to copy its features. They might never catch up to this moving target. This week Snapchat changed its name to Snap, and will soon begin selling a line of video glasses.

Snapchat’s Wild New Specs Won’t Share Google Glass’ Fate

~, the lip synching app/social networkish thing, is a big hit with teens. If your teen or tween is into singing, she is probably on it, and that may be a good thing. It turns out that the record companies are fans too, as they are using it to surface new, young talent.

Teen-Focused App Is the Music Industry’s New Secret Weapon


pepePepe the Frog is an internet meme that has been around since 2005. Pepe is harmless if sometimes snarky, and largely minds his own business or gets in to others’ on 4chan and less frequently Reddit. Pepe was recently co-opted as the mascot of some alt right supporters of Donald Trump, and now the Anti-Defamation League has added Pepe to its list of hate symbols. What a strange election this has been. Feels bad man.

Pepe the Frog Meme Listed as a Hate Symbol

Added bonus: There’s a man with a Pepe tattoo on his hand, and he’s not loving this.


Since its beginning, messaging app WhatsApp has been known for protecting the privacy of its users. Last month, they tried to quietly announce that they will begin sharing user data with parent company Facebook. Permission creep continues, and German regulators have a real problem with that.

Germany orders Facebook to stop collecting data on WhatsApp users


A rookie cop in Pennsylvania set some kind of record this week – she lost two jobs with one Snapchat post.

Cop loses 2 jobs for Snapchat pic with racial slur


“One-third of all kids appear on social media within the first twenty four hours of their lives.” That might not be a great idea for all kids.
The Darker Side of Posting Your Baby’s Pics on Social Media

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