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Stories for the week ending 10/14/2016


The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service has introduced new guidelines around how they are planning to prosecute cyberbullies and trolls. Sounds like they’re going to get tough.

UK’s chief troll hunter targets doxxing, virtual mobbing, and nasty images


A Colorado group of teen Antisemites formed a private Facebook group to share their thoughts, which is bad from the get go. Police this week revealed that the “leader” of the group committed suicide to show solidarity. Five of the students were expelled.

Teenage ‘Fuhrer’ of neo-Nazi Facebook page where high school students talked about ‘hanging Jews on trees’ commits suicide ‘to show allegiance to the group’

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.27.22 AMRelated – Fusion takes a look at what may be behind the surge of racist social media posts by students.

Squad of high school students under investigation for racist, viral Instagram photo


Snapchat continues to shake things up, making it difficult for old people to figure out how to use it and keeping competitors from catching up. Now they’re giving users more control to watch their friends’ stories first.

Snapchat launches post-roll ads, Story Playlist that loads favorites in bulk


Messaging app Kik has been a fruitful hunting ground for predators and cyberbullies. As 60% of Kik’s 300 million users are teens, the app needs to take serious steps to protect its users. This week they announced that they are rolling out a host of measures to keep users safe – physically and mentally. One new feature is an AI-powered bot that will keep watch for users who might be hurting.

Kik steps up efforts to keep teen users safe


Did you watch the second Presidential debate? 63 million people watched it on live TV. You might be surprised to hear that almost twice as many, 124 million, watched at least part of the debate on YouTube.

YouTube challenged TV in the second presidential debate


An Aussie man caught his stepdaughter sexting and wanted to put a stop to it. He confiscated the girl’s phone, saved the offending images on a USB stick and went to the police. When the police searched his home later, they found the USB stick with the images and charged him with possession of child porn. He has been placed on the sex offender registry. Really.

Victorian man convicted after reporting stepdaughter’s sexting


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