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Stories for the week ending 10/21/2016


Facebook reads your messages – even the private messages sent via FB Messenger – in order to decide which ads to serve you. Who knows what else they’re doing with your info. Despite that, Amnesty International gives Facebook Messenger the highest grades for messaging privacy.

Which messaging apps best protect your privacy?


Google also uses almost everything it knows about you to target ads to you. They are happy to share with advertisers that you drive a Toyota, like Diet Coke and the NY Giants and went to Jamaica last winter. So far they have stopped short of attaching your name (or other info that they glean from your Gmail account) to your advertising profile, but it looks like they are going to start. In the words of one tech critic:

“Why is Google doing this? To make even more money? Or because they need to do this to keep making the same amount of money? Either way it’s gross.”

Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.27.22 AMIt appears that Twitter thinks that their lack of user growth is their biggest problem They have been looking to sell the company, and reports are circulating this week that interested buyers have passed because they’re turned off by Twitter’s problem with harassment and abuse. Maybe Twitter’s inability to silence the trolls is the bigger problem.

Disney Dropped Twitter Pursuit Partly Over Image


Doctors told a Michigan man that it might take 5 years for him to get the kidney transplant he sorely needed. His daughter started a Facebook page for the cause and found a donor in weeks.

Daughter Finds Kidney for Her Dad Through Facebook Page


100 million users, most of them teen and tween girls, are already using the app. My daughter is one of them. That’s a good start, but the app now faces the very tall task of transforming from a one trick pony (lip sync GIFs) to a full-fledged social network. GLWT

The Chinese Music App That Wants to Be the Next Facebook


If at any point in the future your plans might include being a fugitive from the police, you might want to curtail your selfie activity. The Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown U. thinks that the FBI already has a database of over 117 million Americans’ faces, and that number is only going higher from here.

Facial recognition technology is taking over US, says privacy group


4chan, widely regarded as one of the worst places on the internet, is rumored to be for sale. That’s a tough one. Does anyone want to be responsible for that cesspool? Maybe not, because now they’re asking for donations.

Donate to 4chan


Some UK students were suspended after taking upskirt photos of their teacher and circulating them on Snapchat. The teacher, 23 years old, is understandably worried about keeping control of her classroom.

“My a$$ is all over Snapchat” Pupils take upskirt photos as teacher leans over


This month’s Pokémon GO update is aimed squarely at users who are inclined to play while driving. Don’t do that.



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