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Stories for the week ending 10/28/2016


$33 million idea – create a video sharing platform and app where videos are limited to 6 seconds. That sounds silly, but Vine worked just fine for years. Twitter bought them for around $33 million in 2012. Now they’re shutting it down. Thanks Snapchat.

A eulogy for Vine, the best place on the internet


The American Academy of Pediatrics really, really wants kids to have less screen time. That’s not happening from what we can see. Our digital babysitters are here to stay, until something better comes along.

Kids need less screen time, says American Academy of Pediatrics


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.27.22 AMTwo teenage girls from Syracuse, NY have been arrested after posting a Facebook video of them attacking a defenseless old man was posted to Facebook. It looks like they were doing it for kicks. We fail to see the humor.

Two teen girls arrested after 62-year-old man attacked in Facebook video


A Twitter account dedicated to showing fights at New Jersey’s Neptune High School has been shut down.

Neptune High School ‘wilding’ fights shut down online


A 19-year old Texas A&M student has her picture prominently featured on newspapers across the Lone Star State this week and she probably isn’t happy about it. Driving, sexting and Snapchat don’t mix, especially when that combination has you rear ending a cop car.



An Australian teen is suing a number of online publications including the Daily Mail for publishing images and photoshops of his epic mullet. Before the real media got involved, it appeals that the youth was going viral on social media because of the bad hairdo. A judge is allowing the case to continue, for now.

A teenager is suing websites for making fun of his mullet with memes


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