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Stories for the week ending 11/18/2016


Facebook has expanded its definition of hate speech to include pretty much any attack on anybody for anything, but excludes things that it deems to be jokes, even if they are in bad taste. They haven’t, however, given any additional details about how they are going to enforce those rules, or how they are going to train staff to support users who are victims.

What does Facebook consider to be hate speech?


Twitter is also getting more serious about abuse, again. It has expanded its mute function and promises that employees will be retrained to recognize and deal with trolls. Let’s hope for some results.

Twitter announces more tools for dealing with abuse


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.27.22 AMYik Yak’s best days appear to be behind it. Could the reason for the decline be that they recently stopped allowing anonymous accounts and posts? Probably not, but they are bringing optional full anonymity anyway.

We messed up. Here’s why we’re making handles optional again and bringing back the Hot feed.


We assume that teen depression has been a thing for as long as there have been teens. The transition from being a child to being an adult can be a difficult one – a lot of changes are crammed into a seven-year period. Since 2005, cases of teen depression have risen 17%, and researchers are pointing to the rise of social media as the culprit.

More U.S. teenagers are battling major depression in cyber bullying era, study finds


Thanks to a new law passed in the UK this week, your browsing history is fair game to law enforcement, and any other branch of the government that wants it under some circumstances. ISPs will now be required to store your browsing history for the last 12 months, and make it available to the authorities in any investigation. Seems like bad policy to us.

Britain has passed the ‘most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy’


When it comes to social media, it’s not just teens behaving badly. An assistant professor at Oberlin College has been fired after her anti Semitic social media posts were reported to school officials – posts that claimed that Jews were responsible for the 9/11 and the Paris terrorist attacks.

Oberlin College Fires Professor Over Anti-Semitic Social-Media Posts


If your daughter sees a post like this on Snapchat – an account looking to hire young models – she should be very wary:

“We are offering between £450 and £55,000 a shoot depending on who we put you forward for. In terms of different types of modeling we literally do every single type you could think of. Obviously the more you are interested in the better chance you have of getting jobs. This is a one-off opportunity and we are looking for 30 new models. This is purely based on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested, then please give me a message asap. Bear in mind the reason why we have added you to our company Snapchat account is because we are interested in you as well.”

Sinister social media account posing as Irish modelling agency targeting teen girls


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