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Stories for the week ending 12/2/2016


Young Snapchat users are among the most dedicated social media users interns of user engagement stats. It’s the go-to method of communication for many teens. University of Wisconsin Green Bay gets it, and has begun sending acceptance offers via the little yellow ghost.

University accepting students using Snapchat


Snapchat’s popularity and fantastic user engagement aren’t lost on Instagram, whose product team continues to copy Snapchat’s key features.

Instagram is adding live video and Snapchat-style disappearing messages


Just like Snapchat! Instagram’s new update will notify you if friends takes screenshots of DMs 


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.27.22 AMMeanwhile, two UK 17-year olds did their part to lower our opinion of teens, if just a little. They Snapchatted themselves urinating on a WW1 Memorial.

Two disrespectful teenagers urinate on a war memorial and film it for Snapchat – leaving veterans outraged


Does your teen use Uber? If so, you might want to read the latest update to their Terms of Service. Starting this week, Uber will collect passenger location information, even after the trip has ended.

Uber Now Tracks Passengers’ Locations Even After They’re Dropped Off


The CEO of Reddit got himself in hot water last week after he revealed that he had altered some users’ comments, an act that the called “trolling the trolls”. He is out this week with an apology, and a promise to get tougher on abusive users.

Reddit is finally cracking down on its most abusive members after its CEO was targeted


A school in Ottawa has rules for teachers about what they shouldn’t post on social media. Pictures of drugs and alcohol are on the list, which seems reasonable to us. The list also prohibits “scantily clad photos on the beach”. Maybe they should rethink that last one.

Should teachers be banned from posting ‘scantily clad’ photos? Ottawa board seems to think so


If your teen is using anonymous browsing platform Tor to use the internet, that alone could be grounds for the FBI to hack into his account, according to a new law passed this week. One opponent describes it as, “unprecedented authority to hack into Americans’ personal phones, computers and other devices.” They’ll still need to get a warrant, though.

FBI to gain expanded hacking powers as Senate effort to block fails


Oops – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had his Twitter account suspended last weekend. Internal mistakes were made.

Twitter mistakenly suspended its own CEO’s Twitter account


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