This Week in Social Media News For Parents

Stories for the week ending 12/9/2016


Two companies are being sued in the U.S. and Europe over new internet-connected toys that are collecting an alarming amount of kids’ personal information. That data collection looks to us like a clear violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Privacy groups urge investigation of ‘internet of toys’


More toy problems, just in time for Christmas – Motherboard is reporting that the parental controls on one tablet designed for kids just don’t work.

It’s Trivially Easy to Watch Porn On a Restricted Tablet Made For Kids


A Russian startup has developed facial recognition technology that promises to allow anyone with a picture of you to find you on social media. It doesn’t exactly work that way, but makes for some juicy, clickbaity headlines.

The Russian App That Has Destroyed Privacy Forever


A petition on to ban the use of the Yik Yak app on U. Conn. campus has gotten a whopping total of 9 signatures. The petitioner claims that “The majority of our herd’s community has proven time and time again that they cannot use this app in a positive/non-abusive way.” Sigh.

Petition to disable U. Conn’s Yik Yak receives lukewarm reception


Meanwhile, Yik Yak has laid off more than half of its staff. It’s probably dying all on its own.

Anonymous social app Yik Yak slashes workforce


As many as 5% of American gamer kids may be addicted to video games, and some of their stories are a horror show for parents.

Video games are more addictive than ever. This is what happens when kids can’t turn them off.


Never content with its already massive piece of the online activity pie, Facebook has launched its own handheld gaming suite via Facebook Messenger Instant Games.

Facebook Messenger launches Instant Games


Locations filters (thanks Snapchat!) may be coming to Facebook.

Another Snapchat feature is coming to Facebook


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