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Stories for the week ending 1/8/2016

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Do you know what your child is doing online?


My guess is that we haven’t heard the last of this story. This week, a New Jersey teen was called to the principal’s office after making a series of posts on Twitter that were critical of Israel. Did she back down? Nope. Delete the offending tweets from her account? No. The school district is investigating it as a bullying complaint (an exchange between the accused and another student took place). The student is calling it free speech. The media are watching.

Anti-Israel tweets send N.J. high school student to principal’s office


It’s not just the kids getting into hot water over internet posts. A teacher in Georgia resigned after bad mouthing a student with a disability on Facebook. Apparently the teacher was forced to stay late (hours late) so that the student could have extra time to complete a test. Bad move, and bad choice putting it on Facebook.

Teacher badmouths student with learning disability in Facebook posts


“Stupid is as stupid does” is a pretty good Forrest Gump quote. It isn’t such a good quote when posted by a police officer to Facebook, about a Rhode Island teen after arresting him for allegedly vandalizing a police car. Department Facebook policies are reported to be under review.

Police department to review their Facebook policy after including Forrest Gump quote when announcing arrest of teen 


Good read on the state of Yik Yak on college campuses from the New York Times. The pressure is mounting it seems.

Putting the Heat on Yik Yak After a Killing on Campus

In Michigan, a massive teen sexting ring was uncovered after police recovered more than 200 photos from a deleted Dropbox account. After it had been deleted. Be careful out there.

Teen sexting scandal uncovered by Michigan State Police





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