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Stories for the week ending 1/22/2016

If you’re in the Northeast, stay safe and enjoy the snow.


Researchers in Brussels studied a couple of topics that we haven’t seen in formal research before. First, recruiters are more likely to look at the Facebook profiles of highly educated candidates. Second, it turns out that your Facebook profile picture matters. Job candidates who have a “favorable” Facebook profile pic are 21% more likely to get a positive response from the recruiter. Smile!

Employers use Facebook (photos) to screen job candidates


Some enterprising students in Tennessee really wanted a snow day this week. A local TV station was not playing along. 4,252 Twitter users approved.



Facebook permission creep continues. Most people probably “know” that Facebook can read your private messages if they want to. Most assume they don’t. It turns out that Facebook will begin using the content of your private messages to provide data to advertisers. Let’s hope it stops there.

Nielsen now has access to your Facebook conversations


Facebook has launched the Online Civil Courage Initiative, a $1 million campaign against hate speech on the network.

Online Civil Courage Initiative


Is your password “baseball”? If so, you’re on the list of the 25 worst passwords of 2016.


Actor Zac Effron couldn’t decide which was more worthy of celebration – Martin Luther King Day or his 10 million Instagram followers. The internet had an opinion

Zac Efron apologizes after equating Martin Luther King Day with his Instagram follower count 


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