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Stories for the week ending 1/29/2016

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A Canadian couple has been convicted of assault after it was revealed that they spanked their 14-year old daughter with a hockey stick and a jump rope. The reason for the punishment? They had caught her Snapchatting nude photos to her boyfriend. We’re still waiting for the good part of this story. The couple will be sentenced in March.

‘Spanking’ over nude Snapchat photo leads to assault conviction for parents


WDHS-Twitter-pollStudents at a South Jersey high school used Twitter to organize a silent protest after two racially charged incidents – one of them a Twitter poll denouncing back students – caused significant tension in the student body. Two students have been disciplined for HIB infractions.

Racial tensions at West Deptford High after online postings


A six-month sexting investigation in Connecticut has led to 3 teens being charged criminally and another 20 referred to the Juvenile Review Board after it was determined that the teens had been distributing nude photos of other students without their content, and in some cases selling the images for $10 or $20 apiece.

Newtown High School students charged in ‘sexting’ ring


At least two Arizona teens who were among a group who used lettered t-shirts to spell out a racial epithet appear to be at risk of having college scholarships or admission offers rescinded. Word spreads fast. Especially that word.

Phoenix Teens in N-Word T-Shirts Could Lose College Admissions


A new app called Blindspot has attracted some big name investors including rapper Nicki Minaj. It has also attracted some early criticism, being described at the “perfect platform for bullying online”.



A new study out of the UK confirms what every parent I know has knows for a while – that kids spend more time online than in front of the TV. In the case of older teens, it’s way more.

New statistics on teen screen time


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