Top Apps for Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas folks. We hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday and enjoyed it with loved ones. Today, we thought we’d look at the App Store charts and see what’s trending this Christmas. If one of top-app-12-2015-1your kids got a new phone or iPod for Christmas, no doubt some of these apps are already on his home screen.


First for the paid apps: As you can see the top 4 are games, indicating perhaps that kids with new devices or extra downtime were the top downloaders over the last couple of days.

If you’re a parent with kids who are around 10, you won’t be surprised to see that Minecraft has two of the top five spots. One of my teen boys has been playing Minecraft for years, and still plays, and my 8-year old daughter is begging to get it. We’re holding off for now with the 8-year old because there is some bullying that goes on during gameplay.

Coming in 5th place is Kim Kardashian’s emoji app. Not much to say there other than it is obvious that Americans love texting, emojis and


Next for the free apps: Frankly, we’re surprised that there aren’t more games here. The top spot is one for the adults (the Fitbit app) and indicates that the exercise-tracking bracelet was probably under a lot of Christmas trees this year.

Dominating the top ten are social media apps, with Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook (plus Facebook Messenger) all appearing in the top 10.

The big shock in the top 10? For us, that would have to be iTunes U – a homework management app. We don’t have a lot of experience with iTunes U, but if kids en masse are downloading it the their tablets or phones, maybe they are using their electronics to do homework.

top-apps-12-2015-3Rounding out the top 10 are Pandora, a free music streaming app, Piano Tiles 2, the lone game on the list, and of course Netflix. A word to parents: If your child just got his first phone, make sure to warn him to only stream Netflix movies and TV shows when he is on a Wi-Fi connection. You data bills could go through the roof if he is streaming away your family’s cellular data.

Are you a parent who just gave a child their first cell phone? We have tips here for how to enable and set parental restrictions. If you’re not sure what rules you might want to implement you can click here. Finally, if you haven’t implemented rules and want to get an idea of what your child is doing on that phone, you can click here.

Enjoy the holidays!



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