Trucker Involved in Fatal NJ Turnpike Crash Takes to Twitter – Bad Idea

ThirdParent TwitterBy now you’ve heard about the tragic accident on the New Jersey Turnpike which left one person dead and Comedian Tracy Morgan critically injured.

Kevin Roper, the truck driver who was allegedly the cause of the accident, is giving a social media lesson in what not to do this week, as he attempts to defend himself in the court of public opinion. Roper will appear in court today facing vehicular manslaughter charges, and police have stated that they have reason to believe that Roper had not slept for 24 hours immediately preceding the accident. Roper feels that he is being mistreated, and he took to Twitter yesterday to plead his case.


A quick perusal of these tweets showed that they were retweeted multiple times, i.e. there will be a permanent record even if he deletes them. Twitter users everywhere, and parents of teens who use the service, should be aware that that if an issue, however unfortunate, is going to be decided by the courts, there is almost nothing to gain by pleading your case online.

I have no idea whether Roper is guilty of anything, or how the court will rule, but it is highly likely that his reputation will be permanently damaged by his publicly and indignantly pleading his case after such a tragic accident.

Digital citizenship is a real thing. Doing the right thing online, especially when you’re in the spotlight, is essential. Sometimes doing nothing is the right thing.

Edit: The Twitter account @Kevinmoneytalks is now set to private. We’re guessing his lawyer had a role in that happening.


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