Truecaller App Aims to Help With Cell Spam and Abuse

A new app from mobile management company Truecaller could be a big help to cell phone users (everyone!) who are either tired of anonymous marketing or scamming spam, or concerned about being trolled, cyberbullied or stalked by anonymous bad guys online.



The app is called Truemessenger, and is available and free for Android phones now. No word on when an iPhone version will be available.

The way the app works with text messages is that as a message comes in from a number that is not in your contacts list, the app scans the number against its database of 1.7 billion numbers and when possible shows you a name or even a photo culled from a related social media account. Users can then set up rules to automatically deal with messages that are likely to be spam.

For victims of anonymous cyberbulling, the app could be a big help. No only will users of the app have a decent shot of knowing who the cyberbully is, they can also either report the bully or simply block all further messages from that number.

You can read more about the app and download it here.



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