Tsu – New Social Network That Will Pay Its Users

tsu-logoYou may be of the opinion that the world doesn’t need another social network, but a new one is here. Tsu is a new social site – more like Facebook than Twitter or Instagram – but it boasts one important difference from all three. It will pay out 90% of its advertising revenue to users.

It seems to me that this has a good chance of taking off with teens, many of whom are typically:

  • Happy to be early adopters
  • Usually broke
  • Spend a ton of time on social media anyway
  • Very aware of the fact that parents and grandparents are on Facebook

According to an article at re/code, users can earn money in three ways: the number of views that their posts get, by referring friends, and by the number of views that their referred friends get.

tsu-privacy-settingsI signed up for an account this morning and also downloaded the iOS app and took a look around. The account creation process was quite simple and the Privacy Settings, pictured at right, are much more straightforward than those of Facebook. And in a nice touch, users own their own content.

Tsu claims to be invitation-only, but I was able to sign up by finding the name of an existing user.

Prohibited content includes all forms of harassment, sexually explicit photos and video and anything that is illegal. There is no indication how Tsu will monitor and remove prohibited content, but taking the Terms of Use at face value, it looks like this will be a relatively safe online place for teens.

Interestingly, also according to the Tsu’s Terms of Use, users must be 13 years of age to join, but must be at least 18 to be eligible to receive payments, which should create an interesting dilemma for teens who want to get involved. No doubt, if Tsu becomes popular, a lot of teens will be lying about their age.


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