Twitter Launches Vine for Kids, Called Vinekids

vine-kidsMy first reaction when I saw a headline like the one above was, “Uh oh”. I didn’t see any way that Twitter could pull this off. Twitter has introduced Vinekids, which I assumed would be like the Vine app, which is a platform for sharing user-generated 6-second video clips called loops or vines. They’re perfect for people with short attention spans, like kids.

It’s no secret that there are already too many kids on Vine (and on most other networks for that matter). Add to that the fact that Twitter and Vine are two of the networks that are more lax on adult content (Twitter allows all kinds of nudity, Vine allows some nudity).

I downloaded the app so I could see for myself. It turns out that, at least in this version, Vinekids is safe for kids.

vinekids-1Vinekids doesn’t allow any user-generated content. In fact, Vinekids doesn’t require or even allow users to create an account, share information with Vine or other users, like or comment on videos or anything else. Instead, kids can swipe through short, kid-friendly videos that I assume are sourced and curated by Vine employees.

If your kids are into handheld devices or smartphones, and enjoy watching short videos, Vinekids is a perfectly safe option as it exists now.

We’ll be sure to let you know if that changes.



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