Using Social Media to Build a Personal Brand – An Interview with Trevor Bell

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Trevor bell, a Texas Tech Grad School student and manager of the school’s The Outpost Social Media Lab. I reached out to Trevor because I read in an article in Lubbock Online detailing Trevor’s recent efforts speaking to high school students about social media responsibility.

At ThirdParent, teen internet use, and specifically using social media and other online tools responsibility is a topic we take very seriously. I was eager to get the perspective of a young student who was talking to high school kids on a different level than mine.

Trevor’s talks typically are with groups of 30 – 60 students, and take place either at his work location in the Social Media Lab or at a local Community Center.

trevor bell texas techI asked Trevor to explain the nature of his talks with students, and what kind of reaction that he was getting. I must admit that I expected to hear that Trevor’s talks focus on the dangers and risks of bullying, sexting, revenge porn and generally posting content that could come back to haunt you in the future. To my surprise, Trevor instead focuses on using social media as a positive force in building your personal brand and putting yourself in a position to start your career on the right foot.

While risks abound when young users take to social media, Trevor’s message is a powerful one.

Not only does posting inappropriate content put one at risk of getting in trouble, it achieves the opposite of your desired result if found by a prospective employer or college admission officer.

After our conversation, I was pretty sure that Trevor practices what he preaches, but I Googled “Trevor Bell Texas Tech” and to the right are the page one search results.

As a starting point, the top results listed are all above board and would be looked on favorable by an employer or other interested party – school affiliation, LinkedIn (yes, LinkedIn works for students), Facebook, Twitter and Trevor’s personal PR site including resume – well done.

In terms of Trevor’s non-work content, his Facebook and Twitter show that he has a sense of humor, but doesn’t resort to posting offensive material.  Trevor posts frequently, but not so frequently that an observer would conclude that social media is taking away from what he needs to get done.

We’ve written before that your social media profile and activity are twice as likely to negatively impact your job chances than help them. We applaud Trevor and his message – once students have mastered the art of not damaging their reputation with social media, it’s never too early to start building a strong personal brand.


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