Was That Account Hacked or Password Stolen?

Here’s a tricky situation – your child says his email or social media account was hacked, or has some kind of virus, and you have no way of verifying whether it is true. Maybe it’s your account that was hacked.

We hear of situations where a teen posts something inappropriate to social media, and when confronted by a parent, claims that his account was hacked and it wasn’t actually him posting. What should the parent believe? Now there’s a solution that looks like it does a good job telling you whether an account has actually been compromised, and the site is Have I Been Pwned?

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 6.36.07 AM

Launched in late 2013, the site could not be easier to use, and has recently garnered a lot of interest after the Snapchat security breach was reported last week. Users (or their parents) simply enter an email address or social media account name on the site (no account registration required) and with a single mouse click, the site will tell you whether a security breach has occurred.

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The site also offers a free monitoring service. You can enter an account name and receive an email if a breach occurs in the future. That’s good technology at the right time.


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