WBTV Interviews ThirdParent About Cyberbullying

ThirdParent TwitterThanks to Charlotte’s WBTV and anchor Brigida Mack for having us on Friday to discuss cyberbullying, Twitter and what parents can do to be part of the solution. We were invited on after an anonymous high school Twitter account in North Carolina was revealed to have been engaging in widespread cyberbullying and causing a significant disruption in schools.

The full video can be seen below.

As we indicated in the interview, anonymous school accounts can be a problem, but Twitter is at the head of the class when it comes to offering users (and parents of young users) options for dealing with the abuse before it gets out of hand.

During the interview, we also had the pleasure of discussing @BCHSAnonymous, a high school Twitter account in Kentucky that is doing the opposite of cyberbullying – spreading positive vibes and making kids feel better about themselves.

We encourage parents to stay on top of what their teens are doing online, and students to tell parents immediately if there is cyberbullying going on.


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